We're Gonna Party Like it's 2020!

COVID may have changed our daily life, but it hasn’t kept us from celebrating! We’ve been blessed to have ongoing parties as each resident celebrates another birthday.

In October, Yolanda had a special party that included her favorite foods, barbecue ribs and cheesecake with raspberries. She spent time selecting the menu and loved the decorations—the whole ABLE staff went all out in making the room complete with streamers, balloons, and candles! We finished off the night with a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday, after which we enjoyed some cheesecake.

This September, we celebrated Adam’s birthday, perhaps our most enthusiastic birthday participant! He loved eating his favorite meal: pizza and chocolate cake. An avid superhero fan, he ordered a COVID-19 Batman mask and received a Batman Batmobile collectible. His family sent sweet birthday wishes in the form of cards and a birthday phone call.

Finally, in August, Elena’s family brought in a Mexican feast for the whole house on her birthday! We decorated the house in her favorite color, yellow, with streamers and balloons festooning the rooms! She received many well wishes from her family.

We are so blessed to have these residents in our lives, bringing joy and warmth to our community. And, in turn, the residents are blessed by our staff, who work so hard and enthusiastically to make their birthdays a special event to be remembered.

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