Preparing for Flu Season

All the residents at ABLE have prepared for flu season and received influenza vaccinations! Much thanks to the ABLE staff—Alice, Dave, Imelda and Josh, for helping with transportation, moral support and comfort. The ABLE team has been very supportive in committing to getting their own flu shots this year, even those who might otherwise be reluctant. This year, it is even more important for everyone to get their flu shots. But why is that, exactly? Because the flu, like COVID-19 is a virus that affects the respiratory system, we want to do all we can to minimize the number of respiratory outbreaks in our community. We hope to keep as many medical resources as we can available to manage the pandemic. So everyone getting their flu shot and making choices that protect our health and immunity, is a contribution to the health and well being of everyone in our community. So remember to get your flu shot as soon as possible—because your actions can protect the lives of our residents too!

Adam after getting his flu shot

Flu shot pro

Get Your Flu Shot

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