Home Improvements at ABLE

Air Purifiers and New Beds!

In the midst of COVID, our residents have transitioned away from our normal outings and spending more time around the house. So, we’ve decided to make some home improvements!

First on the agenda was air purifiers. Even though we wear masks and check temperatures routinely, air purifiers add another important layer to our safety measures. We chose the Air Doctor Pro, which removes more than 99.99% of tested viruses and regularly replaces all the air in a standard room.

Each resident now has their very own Air Doctor. We also have several in our common spaces. Although we originally bought them at the onset of COVID-19, they turned out to be very helpful during fire season, filtering out all the smoke that lingered in the air for weeks. We’ve also noticed less allergic reactions from residents during the summer and fall seasons. 

In addition to air purifiers, we also replaced the beds for five of our residents. Nicole, Clara, Sandra, Mike, and Yolanda were all using outdated hospital beds that didn’t fully raise and lower, complicating transfers for our residents and staff. Throughout the summer, we worked on replacing these older beds with fully electric ones.

In Yolanda’s room, the new bed allowed us to rearrange the furniture, creating much more space. She’s loving having so much more room to move around. Mike also expressed appreciation for the new setup.

The staff are especially enjoying the freedom brought by the new furniture. The extra space around the bed and the increased capacities allows them to increase the quality of client care and do so without straining their backs.

In all, ABLE is delighted with our new home additions! Being around the house is so much more enjoyable and safe for everyone, and we look forward to enjoying the improvements for years to come.  Stay tuned for more developments!

Yolanda's new bed

Clara in the living room next to the Air Doctor Pro

The new air purifier and bed in Elena's room

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