We are a non-profit & ten-bed residential facility for developmentally disabled adults, founded by a Marin County native family whose children lived at the Sonoma Developmental Facility, a large State institution.  As both their children grew older, the parents envisioned a place in Marin where their loved ones would be closer and where families could have more input in their care.  They dreamed of a home where their children would receive loving care for the rest of their lives.


In April 1985, DeAnza House was opened.  The day-to-day operation was given to a local organization to manage. In 1991, the parents took back the operation of the home.  Although still called DeAnza by many, the formal name was changed to ABLE – A Broader Living Experience.  Its board of directors is made up of relatives and community leaders.


       ABLE's mission is to meet the diverse needs of our residents and to provide an environment that empowers them to engage their lives actively and become a part of their community. Our facility provides each resident with active treatment programs -- assertive and organized efforts to enable her/him to reach the fullest developmental capacity. This relational approach involves an integrated, individually tailored program of services to help each resident function with as much independence and self-determination as possible. We are committed to supporting our clients’ health and wellness and enhancing their quality of life.

       ABLE recognizes that every person with a developmental disability is capable of personal growth, development, and learning. We view community integration as an interactive process, which includes community awareness and education. We enthusiastically encourage innovation in service that reduces restrictiveness of the residential setting and enhances the developmental opportunities for both residents and staff.

Our management style is based on team decision making and valuing the needs of each resident, our staff, and management personnel.



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